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SMUSA Claire Staff Photo.png

Name: Claire Scragg

Role: Admin

Hometown: Newcastle, England

Industry Experience: 10+ Years

Claire is responsible for all the administrative work here at SMUSA Scholarships, and has over 10 years of experience dealing with student-athletes. She has excellent customer service skills and is always available to help students and parents with any questions about the process. As a parent herself, she understands parents may have additional questions to players, and is always ready to answer those questions. 


Claire is an integral part of the business, and will be able to guide players and parents through the whole process from; calculating GPA's, SAT/ACT registration, eligibility centre with NCAA and NAIA, transcript evaluation, university admissions, visa process and much, much more. Claire has worked with 1000's of students and helped them get to the front gate of a university for over a decade.. 


Claire also has knowledge with organising US Tours through previous employment as a travel agent. She has visited a number of these establishments in the US to see first hand what they are like for international students. Claire has vast knowledge about colleges and universities through her experience in helping students and visiting schools first hand. 

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