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In primary school when the teacher would ask us to talk about our dream jobs the girls would talk about being hairdressers and teachers, and it would be all the boys and me talking about becoming pro-football players. The thought had never crossed my mind to go to America to play football, because a few years ago it wasn’t a very common thing for girls to leave their roots and move halfway across the world to play football in the states. So, when Stephen approached me about it, he helped me to realize a dream I did not know I had. Stephen opened a door for me into, not only the football world, but a world of opportunity.

In 2016 I signed a four-year contact with Limestone University Women’s soccer, where I went as a student-athlete. I graduated in May of 2020 with a Sports Science degree. Throughout my four years with Limestone I was awarded many personal accolades, as well as team awards. Since graduating I have come to Spain to play with Fc Malaga City Femenino. Had that first conversation with Stephen, at a home game with Peamount United not had happened, I’m not convinced I would be where I am today. In-fact, I’m positive I wouldn’t be. It was never an idea of mine to go to college in Ireland. I wasn’t convinced whatsoever, but the opportunity to play football at a high level while earning a degree in America sounded too good to be true.


Stephen made the whole process painless and smooth sailing. From getting my highlight video presentable, getting my name out to coaches, helping me decide on what school would suit me best, always being available for a call. He still keeps in constant communication with me. Keeping up to date with my matches and giving me assistance with anything I need. It’s one thing to have an agent represent you to help you with where you’re trying to go. It’s another thing to develop a friendship and have someone who is always looking out for your best interest.


While at Limestone, Stephen came over to America on a tour with a team of Irish girls. Seeing girls I have played with or against looking to come to America and play college football is amazing. Having the team come to my college and play in an exhibition match felt just like playing at home. Seeing familiar faces was comforting. It gave the players who came with Stephen that extra step in front of other players looking to be offered scholarships, because it gave them exposure within the college community before they even signed to a team. It also gave the girls a taste of what the college experience is all about. The availability of this opportunity thanks to someone like Stephen is fantastic. Giving young girls the platform and means to reach that level they have been dreaming of since they were so young is a credit to Stephen. It takes patience, consistency and persistence. Qualities that only the best agents possess.

Danie Murray

Graduated 2020 from Limestone University

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Jesse Stafford-Lacey.jpeg

Finding a college in the United States is all about exposure. In America, kids have game film from all their high school games and are usually within distance where coaches can go and watch their games. Unfortunately, back in Ireland, we don't have those same luxuries.


That is why joining Stephen’s agency was the best thing that I could have done for getting me over to the States. Stephen has a massive network and is trusted by a lot of coaches, which is huge in making that initial contact. Coaches get hundreds of emails from players each year trying to get on the team, so it is nice to have someone they trust on our side to put in a good word.

Also, the consultant agency gave me the opportunity to collect over 20 minutes of game film through their showcases, film that gives coaches even more of an idea about the capabilities, style of play, and body language of a player. It is the single most important thing, along with good grades, that a player can have.

Now, having four years of division one soccer, a college degree, and a new job under my belt, Stephen is helping me find the right school in the U.S. to obtain my masters and begin my career in coaching. 

It's always nice knowing that you have someone in your corner who will go the extra mile to help you and ensure that all their players are being taken care of.

If it wasn't for Stephen, I would never be in the position I am in and I couldn't be happier that I am here.

Jesse Stafford-Lacey

Graduated 2020 from University of Evansville

Whenever I was looking at what scholarship agencies to pick, Stephen’s name and company was the one that always kept coming back to me and I decided to join the team. It was the best decision I could have made because I was able to get game footage from showcases and trial events along with help regarding the scholarship process. 

Before the trial events, Stephen also gave valuable information for players looking to get a soccer scholarship and I found this very helpful. Along with finding a college, Stephen also helps massively with the visa process, general questions, advice, the transferring process and most importantly he is always just a phone call or a text away. 

I have friends who use different agencies and they’ve said they might be waiting a few days to a week for a reply from their agencies. With Stephen, you always get a reply on the same day, which is great because you know he’s always there to help if you need it.

Aaron McCready

Tiffin University

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Shane Cronin.jpeg

Ever since I found out about the possibility of playing football and studying in the U.S. it was something I always wanted to do. I cannot thank Stephen Murray enough for all his hard work and effort during the process. He puts all his clients first and makes sure he gets the correct fit for each individual. His contact base in the U.S. provides a great pool for clients in Ireland and the UK, who want to move to the U.S. and play full-time football combined with full-time education.

As a senior, Stephen still keeps in contact with me with regards to school, soccer, summer soccer and life in general! He’s a great guy and I cannot recommend his services enough. He placed me at Emmanuel College in Georgia in 2017 and I’ve loved every minute of it since. Four years later, I can safely say it was the best decision of my life and provided me with life-changing experiences in an amazing country. It has opened up a lot of doors for my future and I get to play the game I love every single day! 

I highly recommend contacting Stephen and the team to get any information and help that you need to get the process started!

Shane Cronin

Emmanuel College

From the beginning Stephen has been so involved, this isn't a one-time sell for him. Two years into my experience in the U.S., long after the last time I had worked with him, I had to transfer to another school and without hesitation he was right there to help me find another school. No questions asked. He has never once made me doubt his abilities, his passion or care for me as a client. His standards and priorities are like no other. Coming to the US to play soccer has been by far the best decision I've ever made with special thanks to Stephen for the time/ effort he put in to helping me choose the best opportunity. His service goes above and beyond.

Nadine Maher

Southeastern Louisiana

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Mark Foster - Little Rock.jpeg

A scholarship opportunity for any player in the USA can be such a positive life changing opportunity, but it can also be a very stressful process to navigate from picking the right school and the Visa process, there is a lot to do and having an agency guide you through the process can take a lot of the stress out of it. I highly recommend Stephen Murray to do this for you. He is one of the best in the business and has an outstanding reputation in the USA.

Mark Foster

Head Men’s Soccer Coach

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

I have known Stephen for over 20 years. Stephen does a great job of making sure the player finds the right university for the individual. He has a great understanding of the level in America, and his reputation and relationship amongst college coaches is excellent.

Barry Farrell 

Head Men’s Soccer Coach

William Carey University

Mark McKeever - Young Harris.jpeg

I have known Stephen for over 20 years now and still to this day have a great respect for him.  Stephen has a great knowledge of the game and the US College system having played in a variety of different roles during his journey.  Stephen not only played collegiate soccer, but he also played a massive role in a successful USLII team, where we were fortunate enough to play together, before he was offered a contract in the pro game.  Stephen knows the way of life here in the U.S. and he is someone I would trust with my own son’s future if I had to make that choice.  I can fully endorse Stephen as a friend and a business man with the highest integrity and sound knowledge of his career.

Mark McKeever

Head Men’s Soccer Coach

Young Harris College


We've been very lucky to be involved with Stephen Murray over the past number of years. He has been fantastic in terms of guiding, supporting and encouraging our daughter fulfil her ambition of obtaining a scholarship to a US university to study & play soccer. We hope it turns out to be a great learning experience and a brilliant adventure.

Mark Warren 

Parent of Aimee Warren

Mount Marty University

Aimee Warren.jpeg

I met Stephen Murray in 2018 and since that time, I have found him to be an honourable and hardworking guy who has gone out of his way to successfully arrange valuable soccer scholarship offers for both of our sons at excellent colleges. He is a “safe pair of hands” and I strongly recommend him to anyone considering looking for a US soccer scholarship for their son or daughter.

Tony O’Gorman

Parent of Ben O’Gorman

As a parent all we want is the best for our kids and Stephen Murray made us feel from the beginning that we were with the right company. Stephen’s experience and contacts were a major factor in finding the best College for our daughter Aimee. There is a lot to take in to fully understand what’s involved and having his experience and guidance really helped in our final decision. We would highly recommend Stephen and his company.

Shane Maher 

Parent of Nadine Maher

Hutchinson Community College

Aimee Maher.jpeg
Michael Devlin.jpeg

I first spoke to Stephen in February 2018, to arrange for a trial game for my son Micheál, and from that moment Stephen's professionalism, dedication and knowledge of the American college system and scholarship process was exceptional. Stephen assessed Micheál, and Immediately began the search for a college that would suit him both academically and from a soccer playing perspective. Stephen matched Micheál with Georgetown college Kentucky, which my wife and I believed was tailored fit for Micheál.  Stephen has provided excellent support, and has continued to keep in touch with Micheál and myself since 2018. Duluth Fc in January 2021 approached Stephen to recommend a versatile left back, he had no hesitation in putting Micheál name forward, and after watching him play and speaking to Micheál, he has committed to play in the 2021 season in the NPSL. I cannot speak highly enough of Stephen   and I would recommend him and his company to any prospective college athlete or parents without hesitation.

Mike Devlin

Parent of Michael Devlin

Georgetown College (Kentucky)

For any parent whose child is considering the American Soccer Scholarship route, I would recommend entrusting their journey to Stephen Murray. It's a huge step and any potential student athlete needs to be confident they are getting the very best advice and guidance, and Stephen is an expert in his field.  As the parent of a current Student Athlete, I have found Stephen to be always upfront, honest and reliable. He carefully matched our son to colleges that would suit him both as a student and as a player, giving him the best chance of success. And since then, he has always been available for ongoing support over the last number of years since our son took up his scholarship, which has been invaluable. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any family considering this route for their child.

Denise Owens 

Parent of Niall Owens

California State University, Bakersfield

Niall Owens.jpeg
Emma Campbell.jpg

What we loved about Stephen Murray from the minute we met him was his honesty!! Our journey with a soccer scholarship started 10 years ago when our then 11-year-old daughter spoke about her dream of playing soccer in the US. Fast forward five years and after numerous conversations/meetings with various recruitment agencies we met with Stephen.

We were given an honest insight into the US college/soccer system. We were told about the highs and low of what it is like to be a fulltime college athlete and ultimately the life experience that comes from stepping outside your comfort zone and following the scholarship route.

Stephen supported and guided us through the whole process and gave us the absolute highest quality service and personal support. Finding the right University for our daughter academically and athletically was vital. Now three years into a Psychology degree she is living life to the fullest. Her team have won Conference Carolina’s Regular Season Championship and Conference Carolinas Championship 2020.

She has totally embraced college life and has consistently achieved academic excellence. She is a happy, resilient, and independent young woman because of the experiences she has had over the last three years. All of this was made possible because of her consistent hard-work, determination and because of Stephen Murray.

It’s hard to put into words the impact of choosing Stephen Murray has had on her life. For any parent who is considering supporting their child you must talk to Stephen.  You can be confident that he will support you and your child for the duration of their journey (be that four years, six years or eight years)!

Helen Campbell

Parent of Emma Campbell

University of Mount Olive

The whole process of my son (Ryan) going to play soccer in New York with Hofstra University was very straight forward, primarily due to the assistance provided by Stephen Murray. With his first-hand experience of the US Scholarship route and an extensive network of coaching contacts, Ryan received a number of Division I Universities scholarship offers.

Stephen was able to advise on all aspects of the process, from creating a professional highlights video, navigating the NCAA procedures, advising on the best academic and soccer program fit for him or arranging discussions and visits to meet coaches in the US, Stephen’s advice was invaluable throughout the process.

The real pleasure though of working with Stephen was the continued contact and support he provided to Ryan after he arrived in the US, creating opportunities for him to play soccer this summer and ensuring he had settled in well. I couldn’t recommend Stephen highly enough. If your son/daughter is interested in becoming a student athlete in the US, you need to contact Stephen, trust me you won’t regret it.

Cal Carmichael 

Parent of Ryan Carmichael

Hofstra University

Ryan Carmichael.jpeg
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