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Interview: John Andrews - Víkingur Women's Head Coach

In our latest interview, we were delighted to get the chance to sit down with Víkingur Women’s Head Coach John Andrews to talk about his college days, his journey in football and the talent in Iceland.

Playing-wise, Andrews’ background includes Cork City in Ireland and Coventry City and Mansfield Town in England.

His journey to the USA began in 2004 when committing to Martin Methodist College – now the University of Tennessee Southern - in Tennessee.

After three-and-a-half years as a student-athlete, Andrews went into the pro game before going on to step into the coaching side of the game.

In the interview, we discuss his journey from college to where he is now with Víkingur, and also why he feels the scholarship route should be one players – both male and female – should consider to further themselves both on and off the pitch.


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