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Five Reasons Why You Should Play in the SMUSA Showcase

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

In the latest edition of our website feature, SMUSA are going to give you five reasons why playing in our Showcase is important.

It's one of the most exciting times of the year for us as a soccer scholarship agency as our annual Showcase is just a few weeks away.

The excitement is building as we prepare to host our showpiece event in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the second successive year.

Having had over 30 college coaches in attendance in 2021, we are expecting yet another good turnout and this provides our clients a unique opportunity to play in front of them.

The Showcase is an invite-only event for our SMUSA members, and there is still time to come into the network by attending one of our final events of the year and moving forward to pursue the scholarship route.

In this feature, Director Stephen Murray and Digital Media Manager Andrew McDonnell have sat down to discuss five big reasons why your should play in our Showcase.

1. Play in front of college coaches

One of the biggest attractions with playing in our Showcase has to be that our clients will be playing in front of American college coaches.

Last year, we had coaches from NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA programs, including Hofstra University, Old Dominion University, William Carey University and Mercyhurst University.

This is a very unique opportunity that doesn't come around very often in the recruitment process, and one players need to take with both hands.

2. Live stream for American college coaches

Those coaches that aren't able to travel across to Belfast for our Showcase are able to watch the event live on YouTube on a stream.

At the Showcase last year, we had over 500 views on our live stream within the first 24 hours, and continued to be viewed in the coming months - giving players a lot of exposure.

The event is filmed by a professional crew and clients will get access to the footage to review their performance and add to their highlight video.

3. Build relationships with players

In previous years, players that have attended our Showcase have formed friendships on the day as they are all going across to become student-athletes in America.

Once over in the States, we have seen clients meet up after the game, where they have gone up against each other to catch up and get a photo together - some of which have been posted on our social media channels.

4. Meet and talk to college players

After the event, we will have a debrief as a group and there will be a chance to meet and listen to SMUSA clients, who are currently over in the States playing.

Duke Blue Devils defender Lewis McGarvey and Notre Dame Fighting Irish defender Paddy Burns will be joining us again to speak to clients and give unique insight into life as a student-athlete.

As we found out last year - after talking with clients that played on the day - this was a priceless moment and one that they found extremely beneficial.

5. Opportunity to be invited on our Florida Tour

One final reason to play in our Showcase is that if you stand out on the day and impress coaches in attendance, you may be invited on our 2023 Florida Tour.

The Tour will also give you a unique opportunity to go out for 10 days and play against top college opposition, while also living the life of a student-athlete.

The exposure the Showcase gives clients is invaluable, and the chance to be a part of our travelling Tour squad is even more priceless.

If you have enjoyed this feature, be sure to give us a follow on our social media channels. If you are interested in starting your scholarship journey, click here.


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