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SMUSA partner with The Player Programme

SMUSA Scholarships are delighted to announce a partnership with The Player Programme as our official training partner.

Our partnership with The Player Programme looks to give SMUSA’s young prospective college athletes the opportunity to prepare for life in the U.S. and a career in football.

SMUSA Director Stephen Murray said: “College coaches invest so much money into the player for coming over and trust SMUSA’s recommendation that a player is at the required level.

“We do feel that it is so important for our clients to be prepared for the journey that lies ahead and by working with Sam, we feel that he will provide the perfect player programme to prepare our clients physically and mentally along with so many other factors he provides in his program.

“So many players go over on a Soccer Scholarship in the fall (August) with the idea of getting fit in pre-season, and this can cause so many issues in dealing with a new environment, climate and the day-to-day grind of the college game.

“Having looked into detail of his work with our client, Darren Lawlor, we have seeing the benefits of how much he can change a players mindset and well-being.

“We will endorse Sam's programme to all of our client to make the connection and listen to the advice he will give as it could be the difference of going over for four months unprepared or going from strength to strength throughout your four years.”

Sam Wardrop said: “I’m delighted to have formed a relationship with Stephen Murray and SMUSA. We will now work together and ensure SMUSA players are prepared for the demands of college football by giving them a training programme that covers every aspect they will need to hit the ground running in the states.

“This partnership highlights Stephen’s and SMUSA’s interest in doing more than sending players to America. They want their players to be physically and mentally ready as well.

“The Player Programme will look to cover physical training, nutrition training and mindset training. Three critical areas players need to work on to be in the best physical and mental shape possible.”

If any of our clients have any questions or would like to find out more information, please get in touch


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