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John Andrews joins SMUSA as Senior Scholarship Consultant in Iceland

SMUSA Scholarships are delighted to announce that UEFA Pro Licence coach John Andrews has joined as the Senior Scholarship Consultant in Iceland.

Having been down the scholarship route himself, Andrews has extensive knowledge of the pathway, and his role will involve opening doors for talented players in Iceland - both on the male and female side of the game.

The pathway is an exciting one for players in Iceland, and talking about his role with SMUSA, Andrews admitted that he is excited to get started.

He said: "If Stephen is going to make a go of it, then I know he's going to put everything into it, as I do.

"It's the exact same mentality as I have with my own work and my own football clubs. I just think there's a market here in Iceland for young players to go to America.

"I look online at people's reviews of Stephen, and I see how people talk about his character and the follow on work that they do when the kids go to America - they keep in touch and make sure they're doing well.

"That kind of stuff attracts me, helping people. I love helping people. If you're going to do something like that, and you can see there's something in place, what I'll be doing is identifying players, who are hungry and want to go over to America.

"That's the reasons for joining. I love helping people and Stephen's got a good product. These kids deserve the best and I believe that Stephen is the best."

Andrews continued: "Myself and Stephen go back to about 2004 or 2005. He was playing at Lambuth University and they were big rivals.

"We'd come into contact with each other quite a bit. I loved the way he handled himself, even on the field. He wasn't a gentleman on the field, but he was smooth as a football player.

"Off the field, he is a gentleman. He is very honest and if he says something, he'll do it. He's very focussed, very hard working, very conscientious and I was really impressed.

"We kept in touch and when I was in I used to help with his showcases. I just marvelled at the work he does and he's just fantastic to work alongside - he's one of those people where you know what you're going to get."

The Cork-native went out to the United States on a scholarship back in 2004 with Martin Methodist College - now known as the University of Tennessee Southern.

After graduating, Andrews come back to Europe to continue his playing career, and then moved into the coaching side of the game.

Currently the Head Women's Coach at Icelandic side Víkingur FC, Andrews has recently signed a new two-year contract, which will see him remain until at least 2023.

SMUSA Director Stephen Murray, who has known Andrews since his college soccer days, believes the addition is a big one for the company.

Murray said: John is something I have known for a long time and always felt that, with his experience and knowledge in the game, he would do well,

"Getting John on board is a no-brainer as his in-depth knowledge of the Icelandic player, and his integrity, is something that is well respected throughout the country.

"He knows the industry of what it takes to get a soccer scholarship in the U.S. and as much as the talent is a big part, John is someone, who can pass on life lessons to any students/players as he was always one to get out of his own comfort zone and take risks to better himself.

"His attention to detail is something that will help out company evolve as he will do his due diligence on every player he deals with to potentially go have a fantastic life experience."


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